NCAA Tourney, Troy’s Group: Current Standings

The opening rounds of the 2011 NCAA men’s tournament are in the books.  The standings of the top 50 brackets in Troy’s group are available to browse.  While the top place finisher will likely come from somewhere in this group of 50, some surprising scenario’s can still be generated.  As we mentioned when the tournament group was opened, we have a signed jersey for the bracket maker who finishes on top of the group.

Most of us aren’t in this list of the top 50.  But you can still get a sense of where you might be in the running for the additional giveaways we have. By viewing the overview of the Win Troy’s Stuff group, you’ll see 5 brackets that have been featured.  As mentioned when the group opened, those brackets that rank immediately in front of any one of the finishing ranks of these 5 featured brackets will also be eligible for a contest giveaway.  If multiple people are tied with the same ranking, we’ll have a quick and random drawing to determine the winner of these additional 5 giveaways.

Yahoo doesn’t provide a ranking for us at this stage of the tournament, but you can get an idea of where you are in comparison to the featured brackets by looking at your own correct picks and points.  Remember, a lot could change between now and the end of the championship game, but here are the current correct picks and bracket points of those 5 featured brackets.

Alex Holmes @trojan81 Bracket – Correct Picks: 34 of 48   —   Points: 44 of 64

LaMarr Woodley’s Bracket – Correct Picks: 33 of 48   —   Points: 42 of 64

Wild Hair Official Bracket – Correct Picks: 32 of 48   —   Points: 40 of 64

Ike Taylor 24 Bracket – Correct Picks: 31 of 48   —   Points: 40 of 64

Troy’s Hair – Correct Picks: 30 of 48   —   Points: 34 of 64

With all of the big talk, we expected Troy’s Hair to be placing a bit higher.  When questioned about it’s current point total, Troy’s Hair declined comment and asked us to not cry when the tournament standings were finalized.

As the tournament continues, I invite you to interact with the authors of these featured brackets, as well as Troy, the tournament host, on twitter and facebook.  They all seem to enjoy some friendly trash talk around the tournament standings.