The Benefits of a Guest Tweeter

Whether you like to admit it or not, there are times when your Twitter feed can become a little stale.  Sure, new followers are experiencing your tweets for the first time, but what about your loyal fans that have been with you for years?  If you haven’t shaken things up in awhile, there’s a good chance that they are bored.

A great way to spice up your feed is to introduce a guest tweeter.  Major League Baseball recently showed us that handing over the reigns can be a frightening experience, but fun at the same time.  The following is an excerpt from

Stephen Colbert beat the MLB at its own game. And his reward was assuming control of their official Twitter Feed.

It’s only expected that the red-blooded, die-hard American Stephen Colbert is a chest-beating fan of our nation’s pastime. Whether his real-life persona (also confusingly named Stephen Colbert) is similarly a fan is up for interpretation, but all signs point to yes. After beating Major League Baseball’s official reps at their own “Beat the Streak” game in June, he was allotted the keys to the @MLB Twitter for 24 hours.

As you can imagine, hilarity ensued.  Here’s a taste of what @MLB followers experienced that day:

I’m sure the folks at Major League Baseball cringed every time a new tweet rolled in, but in the end, the move was a huge success.  What it showed us was that guest posts weren’t just for blogs anymore.  From ESPN to the New York Times, news outlets everywhere were buzzing about the Colbert Takeover.

Obviously, we can’t all have Stephen Colbert guest tweet for us.  But, what you can do is think of people you know that have the ability to bring something unique to your feed.  Is there someone that has a vast knowledge about a specific area of your field?  Or, perhaps you know an up-and-coming artist that could showcase their talent by sharing several themed works of art over the course of a day. 

Either way, both parties can benefit from the exposure.  Your followers may enjoy your guest’s tweets and decide to follow them.  On the flip side, your guest’s fans will likely venture over to your feed to see what that person is up to.  So, be thinking about ways you could effectively utilize a guest tweeter, and have some fun with it!

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