How to Break Through the Social Media Noise

These days, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in a crowded social media world.  As more and more people adopt the strategies that worked in the past, they ultimately become less effective.  Every tweet, Facebook post, and blog entry begins to look the same.

The problem is, new brands are created everyday, and social media is an integral part of spreading their message.  It can be frustrating to find that followers don’t necessarily come flocking to you, despite the fact that you are using tried and true methods to attract them. So does this mean that the social media boat has sailed?  Not at all.

Instead of focusing on what other successful brands have done in the past, it’s important that you find ways to be original.

If you’re used to seeing things presented the same way over and over again,

So, take a moment think about your brand’s message and how it can be presented in a way that people aren’t used to seeing.  What’s going to get your message retweeted, liked, or reblogged?  In the example above, it took a little more time to handwrite that part of the post as opposed to typing it, but not that much more.

You’ll find that if you’re willing to put in just a little more work than the majority of people out there, your brand can break through the noise very easily.