Hootsuite is Twitter’s Ultimate Collaborative Tool

Chances are, if a brand is on Twitter (and why wouldn’t they be?!), there’s more than one person behind those tweets.  Even if one person primarily handles the job, it’s important that multiple people keep an eye on the tweets to ensure that they are staying on message.

In some organizations, multiple people gather content for Twitter posts, and one person is responsible for deciding what actually makes the feed.  Given the current user interface of Twitter, this can prove to be an extremely difficult task.

That’s where Hootsuite comes in.

You might be using Hootsuite to schedule tweets, but if you haven’t explored its deeper features, you could be missing out on some productivity enhancing, Twitter dominating awesomeness.  There are too many features to dive into for just one post, so I’m going to highlight the best that Hootsuite has to offer for collaborators.

Scheduled Tweets

I know I said that Hootsuite has so much more to offer than scheduled tweets, but they way they do it makes collaborating with a team a snap.  When you schedule a tweet through the service, you have several options at your disposal.  For instance, Hootsuite allows team members to input their tweets when they think of them, and then submit them for approval by another member of the team.  This makes it easy for multiple members of an organization to submit their posts, but ultimately giving a manager the final decision on what makes it through.  This can prevent embarrassing situations from occurring by tweeting things that are unintentionally offensive, or simply way off message.


The next great collaborative feature that Hootsuite offers is the ability to assign tasks to certain individuals on the team.  For example, let’s say that one of your primary goals for your brand on Twitter or Facebook is to enhance customer service.  There are probably people on your team with different areas of expertise.  If a customer has a technical question, you can assign it to be answered by one person.  If someone has a question about an upcoming event, you can assign it to the person that is in charge of organizing it.  This ensures that your customer’s questions are being answered in the most effective way possible.


Lastly, Hootsuite offers some of the best analytic tools available for Twitter, Facebook, etc.  As it’s been said before, it’s difficult to improve on something that isn’t measured.  As your team meets to discuss past performance and future goals on Twitter, Hootsuite allows you to dive deep into things like Twitter to Web Conversion, mentions by influencers, and most popular links.  You can select from popular reports that Hootsuite has already assembled, or create your own in a matter of minutes.  With a few clicks of the mouse, you can create the report and email it to everyone on the team.

There’s no doubt that social media should be a part of your brand messaging.  With a tool like Hootsuite, you have the ability to take your efforts to a whole other level.