Standings Update: Troy Polamalu’s Yahoo Group

The details on the contest giveaway were posted earlier. We just wanted to give a quick update so you might get an idea of where you currently stand. The top 50 places are listed on the overview page of Troy’s group. You can see from this list that the current leading bracket is named “Troy” and looks to be in a very solid position to take the signed jersey as the overall winner. Of course, strange things have happened all throughout this tournament, so there are some possible scenarios that could change the standings at the top.

AS mentioned when the group was first announced, the additional giveaways (other autographed items from Troy, LaMarr and Ike) are going to be awarded to those who ranked just in front of the five featured brackets. The rankings are based on points, and those that score just in front of a featured bracket would be eligible to win, if there are multiple brackets at that level, we will do a quick random drawing to have one prize awarded for each featured bracket. You can see from the rankings that if the contest were ending right now, if you had 51, 53, or 57 points, you would be among those eligible to win.

These standings still have the ability to adjust as games and points are still up for grabs. Here is how Yahoo’s bracket scoring works.
We just wanted to provide a quick update.

Also noted, among the featured brackets, Alex Holmes is ranked with Ike Taylor at the top while Troy’s Hair has been blaming it’s poor performance on it’s recent brush with kryptonite.

Some might also be interested in a few interesting statistics about this particular tournament. This information comes from Edwin Pankau, who is a product manager over at Yahoo Sports. Edwin does a great job maintaining a great tool that tens of thousands of tournament fans use every year.
Some interesting stats:

· Zero people correctly predicted all 4 of this Final Four in the Yahoo! game

· Pick percentages for each of the Final Four teams to make it there were:

o UConn = 20.4%

o Kentucky = 6.6%

o Butler = 0.6%

o VCU = 0.1%

· Of the 4 teams left, the pick percentages for each to win the championship are:

o UConn = 3.3%

o Kentucky = 1.4%

o Butler = 0.1%

o VCU = 0.0% (negligible, although some people did pick them)

· Despite seeing VCU play in the first 2 rounds, only 6.0% of people picked them to make the Final Four in our Second Chance game (where people pick from the Sweet 16 on), and only 0.6% picked them to win the championship game

· Only 7 brackets are still “perfect” in our Second Chance game, out of about 300k