My Friend, Bob, Is Talented.

My friend, Bob, has been crashing with me for a little while.  Bob lives both online and off line, but sleeps like a hobo.  No offense to all the hobos reading this, Bob really is one of you…and wanting to become more like you all the time.

Bob has been doing this lyric-based typography for years. He is finally getting around to letting everyone see him work.

He threw a request for recommended songs out to twitter last night at 10 pm Central.  The first one that came back was the winner. “For Nancy” by Pete Yorn. 70 minutes later we had this. Enjoy.

For Nancy from Bobby Roman on Vimeo.

This is a typographic time lapse piece set to the song “For Nancy” by Pete Yorn off of his 2001 album Music For The Morning After

Follow Bob on twitter, where he will often crowd source his subjects. He will be crashing with me and my camera for a few more days, so if you really want to see a specific lyric done in this style. You might lobby me for Bob’s mighty pen through a comment here.

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