Tweeting While Racing Is Encouraged?

Many would say that Brad Keselowski‘s tweet last week could have been construed as “dangerous”.  I guess you could say that, considering the fact that it was sent WHILE HE WAS IN A RACE CAR DURING THE DAYTONA 500.

Okay, for full disclosure, a major wreck had occurred, and Keselowski sent the tweet while his car was parked during a hazard delay.  But, those that weren’t watching the event live certainly were confused.

I’m sure the thought of another driver carrying their cell phone in the car with them during a race makes other drivers nervous, but NASCAR fans loved the idea.  The fans appreciated it so much, in fact, that Keselowski now has over 100,000 new Twitter followers to show for it.

Everyone expected Keselowski to be handed a hefty fine by NASCAR, but the organization surprised us all when they decided to let it slide.  As a matter of fact, they actually applauded his creativity!

Keselowski isn’t without his critics, though.  Many think that this act will lead other drivers to perform other more dangerous Twitter stunts in an effort to top it.  But, it’s doubtful that we will ever see a tweet sent while a driver is going 200 MPH… even though it would be entertaining.

What this has shown is the power of social media in sports.  Brad Keselowski didn’t even win the race, but he’s the one everyone was talking about the next day.  As a matter of fact, he actually made a public apology last Friday for taking the spotlight away from the winner of the race.  This means that young drivers who are up and coming in the sport have a greater opportunity than ever to publicize themselves.