Wanderfly is Disrupting the Travel Guide Business

Wanderfly has been around for a couple of years now, but they’re creating quite a buzz with their latest redesign.

Taking a cue from Pinterest, the folks at the latest travel guide site have created a layout that is attracting users from all over the world.  To sum it up, a user creates an account and lists things they are typically interested in visiting when travelling to a new city.  You can choose from tags like “Foodie” or “Off the Beaten Path”, search for a specific city, and then instantly receive recommendations matching your tags that have been posted by locals or other travelers that particularly liked an attraction.

The interesting thing about Wanderfly is how quickly they are becoming the go-to source for travel recommendations.  In just a matter of days, they had amassed recommendations from users for well over 500 cities.  As The Next Web pointed out, traditional travel guides like Fodor’s only have about 300 cities that are covered.

What makes it so great is the authenticity of the content.  When you pick up a travel guide book, you’re really just getting the author’s opinion as opposed to a local that really knows the great spots.  Sites like Trip Advisor give a better feel for what locals like, but Wanderfly’s Pinterest-like interface is just so much more appealing.

So, if you’re the owner of an establishment that could receive quite a bit of business from out-of-towners, it will pay to begin building a strategy for Wanderfly.