Curiosity Marketing: What You Can Learn and Do Now

Ever seen someone waiting in line for hours (or days) for the new Dell computer to roll out onto shelves?

What about a line of people stretching three or four blocks long just to be the first to buy the new Panasonic HDTV?


Most of us don’t like to wait–especially in line. Yet, that one iCompany has an uncanny ability to get many to do just that, but not begrudgingly. iCompany lovers wait with great anticipation and curiosity.

And the curiosity is building again.

This week The Telegraph interviewed Apple’s design guru Jonathan Ive. Like a fisherman choosing which bait will reel in the best catch, Ive dropped a hint to get Apple-lovers salaviting at the prospect of a new product:

“What we’re working on now feels like the most important and the best work we’ve done, and so it would be what we’re working on right now, which of course I can’t tell you about.”

Curiosity Marketing

We don’t even know what the product is… but Ive’s already got our curiosity at peaking yellow and red levels.

Curiosity marketing.

We can garner a few tips for curiosty marketing from what Ive said in his interview.

1. We’re Busy

“What we’re working on now…”

We get curious when we feel a company is moving forward.

2. Use Superlatives

“…the most important and the best work we’ve done.”

If it’s NOT the most and best, why would we want it? Ive hits a home run in making us ask silent questions based on the superlatives ‘most’ and ‘best.’

We ask: what it is? Better than the iPhone, iPad or iPod? I wonder what it is.

3. Stop Talking

“…which of course I can’t tell you about [insert smirk here].”

Back to the fisherman analogy: drop the line in and let it sit. Let the fish swim around the lure, ponder it, and bite when their curiosity will no longer let them just look.

If Ive would’ve continued talking, we wouldn’t be curious.

How do we know if our marketing efforts make our prospect curious? Our marketing elicits questions.

I wonder what the new product will be?

When will it come out?

Can I afford it?