CallApp Displays Social Media Info Like Caller ID

A revolutionary new application called CallApp aggregates social media profiles to show public information about the person calling you.

We’re intrigued.

Among other things, it takes your address book and flips it on is head. Compare the two…

A quick glace allows may allow users to determine locaiton, employment status, as well as current social media updates on Twitter and Facebook. It’s basically CallerID on steroids…or Androids (though an iOS version is currently being tested, it’s not yet available to the public).

From the Android Police: “Overall, CallApp is easily the best app I’ve encountered in months. It brings functionality that I’ve been searching for since getting my first Android phone, and after playing with it for a while, I can’t help but feel like this is what telephony on a smartphone was supposed to be.”

Practical Uses

1. Immediacy

As CallApp creates a universal contact book, collecting information across multiple social media platforms, it provides an immediate snapshot of anyone. Think of it as a ‘what’s happening now’ resume for nearly anyone online.

2. Productivity

PSFK notes that the app “if you are receiving a phone call from a business, the app will display additional information such as a map, ratings, and reviews. CallApp also provides tools like setting a reminder or organizing a meeting with individual contacts, which is then included with the other displayed details if they call.”

3. Social Media Background Check

The Turkish website Teknoloji Oku notes that “even if you never met that person before, the application of social knowledge will show you almost everyone as they were identified. Providing smooth and seamless user experience CallApp gathers the information at a phenomenal speed.” [translation source]

Might want to check with your HR department before allowing this to trump any current procedures.

4. Due Diligence

Have a client or company you need to research in a hurry? Just open your CallApp for a quick snapshot of what they’re currently up to and you’ll look (and feel) prepared.

Give CallApp a try here and let us know what you think in the comments.