New Facebook Features Coming to Your News Feed

It’s happening again. Facebook is revamping your newsfeed. Yes, again.

Although the company plans to reveal details at a public event in Menlo Park, California on March 7, some details of the newsfeed redesign are already appearing on some user’s timelines.

From Digital Trends:

“We’ve noticed a handful of new features being tested out on Facebook (and confirmed as tests, for that matter), and among them was an in-line like button that sits inside of an update shared by a friend. In this case it was a Vimeo video, which first popped up on the News Feed and later, we rediscovered it on the submitter’s Timeline. The story surfaced a link that takes you straight to Vimeo’s Facebook Page and an in-line button that sits across from this link.”

These “inline” features have several uses. Here are a few…

Add a Friend of a Friend

Whether you’re a fan of Facebook or not, it does one thing well: make connections. Facebook seems to be rolling out a new feature that will connect users with their second degree friends by encouraging one simple click.

Here’s a look:

Like a Page

Similarly, the ability to like a Facebook page from posts of your friends will begin to appear in your timeline over the next few weeks as the new news feed rolls out.

An example:


Join an Event a Friend Shares

Keeping up with what’s happening is what Facebook events are for, and in the new Facebook timeline joining an event will be even more accessible.

When a friend joins an event, you’ll now see that event posted on your friend’s timeline along with an invitation to going the event as well (provided it is a public event). This gives events more exposure and an easier interface to join them.


And although these are only a handful of new features that we know about at present, many more will be made public during the March 7 formal announcement.

Question: what new features would YOU like to see in Facebook’s new timeline?