Performing Your Due Diligence on Social Media

In the digital age, many professionals conduct a portion of their due diligence on social media.  +Companies research clients. +Clients research companies. +Employers look up employee candidates. +Candidates read up on potential employers. Here are a few tips to help determine which social media accounts and profiles have a genuine presence and following…and which do […]

Social Media: Playing a Role in Politics

With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, many civilians and politicians herald her as a trailblazer as the first female Prime Minister of England. Yet, several protests have already happened and many are set to happen when Thatcher is laid to rest this coming Wednesday. Unlike protests in pre-Twitter eras, social media plays a prominent role. […]

3 Things You Might Not Know About Vine

Short attention span? Have trouble reading complete sentences? Is a 30 second commercial difficult to watch because it’s just too long? Then try Vine. A recent acquisition of Twitter, Vine is a simple iOS App (sorry Android fans, not available for you yet) that captures six seconds of video and sends it out to followers, looping endlessly.  Just because Vine […]

The Basics of the Digital Currency Bitcoin

This past Thursday The Verge announced that the total value of the digital currency Bitcoin had surpassed $1 billion. This news no doubt sparked a variety of reactions from “I wish I would’ve invested when it was $13 two and a half months ago” to “what is a digital currency?” Bitcoin Surpasses Banks Bitcoin is […]

Have a YouTube Channel? Soon You Can Charge Your Subscribers

Since its inception, YouTube has experimented with many designs, functions and monetization strategies. To monetize a YouTube video prior to April 2012, a user had to be invited to the elite YouTube Partner Program. While the exact qualifications to get invited to the exclusive program weren’t entirely known, users sought to get invited and make money from their […]