Keys for Social Media Influence

Check out these statistics. Every day… 294 billion e mails are sent 2 million blog posts are written 4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook 864,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube More iPhones are sold than babies born! As Digital Buzz Blog posted those statistics last year, those numbers are sure to be conservative. Buzzwords like engagement, guru, conversation […]

Best Tweets on the Superbowl Power Outage

Twitter buzzed last night, even if the lights in New Orleans didn’t. Here are a few tweets from the Super Bowl power outage that caught our eye. Bluehost Mega web hosting giant, having just come off a little downtime of their own, had a savvy little tweet. Fake ESPN Sports and some healthy sarcasm in […]

Four Steps to Crafting a Connection Strategy on Social Media

The amount of information and the speed at which content is currently produced may seem overwhelming. If you have a message, product or service to deliver to the masses you may wish to use social media to connect with customers, friends or potential buyers. But you first have to be heard. How among all the […]

Pros and Cons of Facebook Graph Search

Facebook’s new feature, Facebook Graph Search, aims to take social media search on Facebook to a higher, more specific level for users. What is Facebook Graph Search? Currently, there are two ways to get information on Facebook: news feed and timeline. Users view news feed to see a broad overview of current activity for all […]

The Church on Social Media

Felt board? Now there’s an app for that. For real. 1,000 pages of noisy onion-skin-like pages? Download this instead. Stone tables meet your match: an iPad. When it comes to organized religion, many churches and church leaders have chosen to stay in the dust of the past, while others move forward into the present and […]