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Twitter Tips for People Who Hate Twitter

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Before we catapult into 21 century communications, let’s hop in a time machine together and enjoy a little flashback…

1450’s: first printing press.
1660’s: first American newspaper printed.
1830’s: first electric telegraph and Morse Code invented.
1870’s: first electric telephone.
1910’s: first radio with tuners.
1930’s: first TV broadcast in the United States.
1970’s: first cell phone network in the United States.
1990’s: Internet is commercialized.
2004: Facebook launched.
2006: Twitter launched publicly.
2012: people get frustrated with all the social media platforms.

Sure, you don’t have to use Twitter. It’s not a must for anyone.

But… take a look at that communications technology timeline above. None of those methods of spreading a message had to be used. But those that chose to use them, communicated their message to many more people than those that didn’t.

Twitter is no different. Here’re some tips to use it effectively.

Twitter Bird Sketch

Photo Credit: Shawn Campbell via Compfight

1. Grow Your Following

In order for your tweets to go somewhere, someone must see them.

*Follow likeminded people. Once you’ve found and followed a few people doing similar things you do, look at their friend list and follow some of their friends.
*Follow the giants. Follow a few popular tweeters in your genre and learn how they tweet. There’s a reason they’re popular on Twitter: learn from them.
*Follow the newbies. All it takes is a few fans to start spreading the word.

2. Crafting Your Tweet

Twitter limits your Tweets to 140 characters. That’s roughly one short sentence. Make it count.

*Make it sharable.Your goal is crafting something your followers will want to pass on to their followers.

Good: “Definition of Monday: the best and only way to start a great work week! Cheers!”
Bad: “Another crappy Monday. Bleh. I wish it were Friday. Oh well…”

*Keep it positive. It won’t be sharable if it’s negative. No one likes a complainer in real life, and we certainly don’t like a complainer on Twitter.
*Sell rarely. Look through your last twenty tweets. In how many of them are you promoting yourself, your blog, your product? If the majority of what you’re doing is self-promotion, then you’re the person at the party that only talks about himself.

Check out these tips on how to maximize the use of 140 characters.

3. Tweet Variety

Let’s say you want to send out three tweets per day.

*Tweet one: a greeting.
*Tweet two: a link to your blog or something you offer.
*Tweet three: a retweet or a share of someone else’s content.

The key is balance. Too much of one type of message is b-o-r-i-n-g.

4. Relationship Rules

Build relationship. Build relationship. Build relationship.

Retweet content from people you follow and @mention them. They’ll appreciate it. Similarly, if someone retweets your content, thank them.
Reply to tweets with questions and/or content you find interesting. Twitter is meant to be a conversation.
Remember your audience. It’s a good idea to think of a specific person when tweeting. Compose your tweet for them and to them.

Question: What tips do YOU have for using Twitter effectively?

Six Social Media Tricks You Might Be Missing

Monday, October 1st, 2012

1. Facebook: Edit Comments

Problem: you made a comment on someone’s post and you a) misspelled something, b) were incorrect, or c) are filled with regret and want to entirely change to comment.

Solution: just hover your cursor/mouse pointer over the comment and a small edit button will appear, allowing you to delete or edit your comment. So yes, you can stop adding an extra comment to correct mistakes. Just edit instead.

2. YouTube: Questions, Polls and Quizzes

Problem: Until recently, you had to redirect users on YouTube via the description box below the video to Survey Monkey or a Google document.

Solution: This tutorial by Jacob Curtis walks you step-by-step through the beta of this new YouTube feature, making more complete use of the annotation feature and engaging your video viewer. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

3. Google Maps: Go Underwater

Problem: To go scuba diving you had to… go scuba diving.

Solution: Instead of just dropping the little yellow ‘street-view’ guy onto the beach of the Great Barrier Reef, why not drop him right in the water. Check out this video! Armchair scuba divers unite!

4. Facebook: Schedule Your Posts on Facebook

Problem: If you wanted to schedule a post to your Facebook page, you had to use third-party tools like Hootsuite, Buffer or Timely.

Solution: Facebook now lets you schedule posts right on your page. Simply click the clock icon and select the month, date, hour, and minute! Easy.


5. Google and YouTube: Download Your Videos

Problem: You uploaded a video to YouTube and lost the original video but want to recover it from YouTube in its original format.

Solution: Tech Crunch reported on this feature recently and noted that, while downloading videos from YouTube is not new, the Google Takeout service now allows users to download videos in their original format, sans transcoding.

6. Twitter: Pay with a Tweet

Problem: You have to pay money for things with actual money. For people without money, this is nearly impossible.

Solution: Tweet for eats. the Kellog’s company opened a shop in London where the currency is, yes, you guessed it, a tweet! The company gerates some buzz for their products and customers get a free snack. Win win? Read more about the program here.