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Best Tweets on the Superbowl Power Outage

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Twitter buzzed last night, even if the lights in New Orleans didn’t. Here are a few tweets from the Super Bowl power outage that caught our eye.


Mega web hosting giant, having just come off a little downtime of their own, had a savvy little tweet.


Sports and some healthy sarcasm in one nice Twitter feed from Fake ESPN.

Steve Martin

Always delivers. Always.

Random Blogger

What were some of your favorite tweets about the Super Bowl power outage? 

FanCru: App for Sports Enthusiasts

Friday, April 27th, 2012

With a newly designed iOS layout recently released and an Android version in the works, FanCru attracts both screaming enthusiasts and casual observers.

What is FanCru?

From FanCru’s info page for iOS:

“FanCru is the glue to gameday, giving you the ability to chat and connect with friends during a game, as well as find other fans who share the same allegiances.”

Another Social Network… Seriously


So why not just use Facebook, a Twitter hashtag, or even e-mail?

FanCru offers its users many pros (and a few cons) that give it a leg up on traditional social networking sites. Here’s a few selected from recent user reviews.


+Great for connection and interaction with existing sports fanatic friends.

+Awesome way to converse during game-time and find fans who have the same allegiances.

+Fantastic way to brag on your team.


+One user was not so thrilled that the app called his Buffalo Bills the Buffalo Bulls. (whoops!)

+Currently is only available in the United States.

+Not available for Android, but that version is in the works and should be released soon.

FanCru for Teams and Business Owners

FanCru’s most recent update of 1.0.5 even offers its current user base of 10,000 the ability to create promotions, offer special member-only deals, and advertise an event. If you’re a restaurant owner you might send a shout out to FanCru members in your area that wings are half price for everyone who visits your establishment and uses FanCru to check-in. Teams and/or players would use FanCru’s platform to offer discounts on team merchandise or interact with fans on a more personal level.

In it’s relative infancy, FanCru is beginning to gain traction with almost no promotion or marketing of any kind. With the forthcoming release of it’s Android version, it may become one of the top players for sports enthusiasts.

Are you using FanCru or some other sports social network? We’d like to know! Leave a comment below.