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Five Reasons Google Will Open Stores in 2013

Monday, February 18th, 2013

“Google” is no longer a term for a mere search engine–it’s a brand extending beyond software and free e-mail accounts. As the brand grows, so does the business model.

Many sources (such as this one and this one) agree that consumers may see Google brick and mortar stores before the 2013 holiday season. Why?

Here’s five reasons…

1. Google Glass

Have you ever bought a pair of glasses without trying them on first? Probably not (though that trend might change).

Even if you did purchase glasses online, if they ended up costing upwards of $600 a pair, you might want to try before you buy.

Google Glass, currently in prototype, will soon make its appearance on the street, and Google wants you to put them on and fall in love with them–something that can only be done in a brick and mortar Google store.

2. Chromebooks

For the same reason consumers head to the Apple store to try out the iPad or newest iPhone, Chromebooks will need some hands on experience to achieve any market dominance.

3. Nexus and Motorola Gadgets

With the acquisition of  Nexus as well as Motorola Mobility, Google’s hardware list continues to grow substantially. 

4. Driverless Cars

No matter how hi-tech our culture grows to be, we’ll still need salespeople.

While you’re tapping away on that Chromebook, wearing the Google Glass device or learning about the newest smartphones, you just might have a few questions about those text-safely-while-the-car-does-the-driving automobiles. While Google says they’ll be ready in 3-5 years, regulators might be a bit slower on the uptake.

5. Google Needs a Face

In a recent , Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “there’s no better place to discover, explore and learn about our products than in retail.” The same holds true for Google.

Additionally, Cook noted that “the average store last year was over 50 million in revenue.” Perhaps opening Google brick and mortar stores is really about money?

Think so?

Make Every Photo Instantly Interactive with ThingLink

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Images and videos are king in social media.

What if…

+Each of your images had a specific call to action.

+Each of your images were interactive.

+Each of your images did more for you than just giving someone something interesting to look at?

It’s called ThingLink. And it’s free.

We made the image below as an example. Hover your pointer over it to see several icons appear.

Each of these icons is clickable and takes you to specific sites and calls to action.

We think it’s brilliant. Check it out.

ThingLink For Educators  

GettingSmart published this article replete with numerous suggestions educators could use ThingLink. We felt the most notable was to showcase the work of exemplary student achievements or performance by sending out a simple picture with accolades in ThingLink format.

Here is an example:

ThingLink for Marketers

Marketers (read: salespeople, content creators and curators, and all creative types) will love that each image now creates an immediate call to action.

+Want to convert a casual web-surfer to a customer? Direct them to your landing page.

+Want to create Follow/Like buttons all all your logos? Put a link on all your logos.

+Want that viral meme to do something for your business other than just go viral? Use ThingLink.

 The uses are as endless as your creativity. We love it.

ThingLink for Bloggers, Bands, and Beauties 

Bloggers: Even if you have an existing blog that you’ve been adding content to for months or years, the ThingLink plugin will help you convert all your images that aren’t working for you to do just that: to start working for you.

Bands: Have ticket stubs with a QR code directing your fans to your ThingLink photo on my site. Make a few info links on your photo to Spotify, iTunes,  or YouTube!

Beauties: If you’re a photographer or a model, you should be using this tool. We’ve found nothing better on the market that takes the visual and makes it more interactive than ThingLink.

If you try ThingLink, let us know what you thing…think.