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Are Yurbuds Sport Earbud Perfection?

Friday, May 11th, 2012

You love running.

You enjoy the fresh, crisp air and the energy you feel during and after your workout.

What you don’t love is this:

Many of us have piles of these so-called ‘sport’ headphones we’ve purchased with high hopes of being the last headphones we’d ever need.

Like you, I’ve been searching (not tirelessly) to eliminate this problem, and have no doubt spend hundreds of dollars to fill a drawer full of headphones that work just fine.

Just fine. Fine for listening to music and podcasts. But toss in a serious workout mixed with a little sweat and your focus goes from working out to struggling with your earbuds.

Most earbuds don’t work for athletes.

Until now.

Enter Yurbuds.


Before Yurbuds

+Untangle a mess of cord.

+Drill earbuds into ear with the precision of a dental hygenist.

+Begin working out.

+Two minutes into workout, readjust earbuds.

+Left earbud falls out. Readjust.

+Six minutes into workout sweat begins to cause earbuds to slip. Again.

+Take out earbuds and do workout without them.

After Yurbuds

I was doubtful, but their slogan on the box was what I was looking for …

Guaranteed to Never Fall Out

What a brazen claim, I thought. I figured I could just return them if they were like the tangled mess-o-earbuds I already had.

The first time I used them, I was sold.

+I didn’t have to reach for them even once.

+No pain points in the ear.

+I hardly knew I was even wearing them.

+I was able to turn the volume down lower than ever and still get a crisp, clean sound.

Quadruple win. Granted, they do take some getting used to. At times I felt like they were falling out while I was running, only to realize they were so light compared to to my traditional sport earbuds that my muscle memory needed some serious retraining.

One More Reason

Yurbuds is currently running a contest called #BEYONDTHEWALL.

Ending on June 4, the winning action photo posted to the Yurbuds Facebook page or tweeted to @Yurbuds with hashtag #BEYONDTHEWALL could win a host of prized including an iPad and an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii’s 2012 Ironman World Championship.

And no, we’re not being paid by Yurbuds to write this review. I felt compelled to after posting a tweet about them to which many readers responded. You should check these little buds out.

And they have a stellar website. You should check that out too.