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The Seven Pillars of Social Media Content

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Social media’s exponential growth affords myriad opportunities for meaningful connection and interaction.

Along with the many opportunities for connection, pitfalls also lurk within every post, tweet, or share if guidelines are not applied.

Much like a gangly teenager seeking to feel comfortable in an ever-changing body, many users of social media’s capabilities feel the continual growing pains. Teens often need guidelines.

No guidelines, know trouble.

Know guidelines, no trouble.

Source: keithmaguire

Pillar One: Don’t clog the feed.

You’re at a holiday party, trapped in the corner of the room with the guy who won’t stop talking. This guy’s not making any friends.

Similarly, Facebook, Twitter and nearly any other social media platform exists to build relationships, not conversation monopolies.

Pillar Two: Do provide value.

Pinterest is an excellent example of providing value provided it’s users pin content that is helpful, usable and beneficial.

Pillar Three: Don’t grow silent.

At a recent Dale Carnegie seminar on How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age, the instructor admonished that “Twitter is a microphone.”

When that mic grows silent, the web-space goes dead.

Pillar Four: Do share.

Remember that guy who wouldn’t stop talking at the party? He’s not a giver, he’s taker.

Sharing is caring.

Pillar Five: Don’t be negative.

People gravitate toward the helpful, the positive.

People also quickly unfollow, unfriend and unlike the negative.

Pillar Six: Do keep it brief.

Content is king, yes. But the king now has many crowns and he’s a busy, busy man.

Creating content with pictures, infographics and video are powerful ways to engage your audience with brevity.

Pillar Seven: Don’t make it enjoyable.

As social media is about engaging in conversations, it should be fun. Zig Ziglar, selling guru, one said that “selling is a transference of feeling.”

What do you want your content to accomplish? How do you want your readers to feel?

If you have fun doing it, chances are your readers will enjoy it as well.