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File sharing Goes Social with Attachment Everywhere

Monday, February 25th, 2013

That moment when your e-mail is returned with the “your attachment file was too large to send this message” error.

Just a tad bit frustrating.

Of course there are other file sharing options including public folders on Dropbox or Google Drive or even using other types of cloud storage systems. But after taking multiple steps, entering countless passwords and authentication after authentication, we wonder why it’s so complicated. We just want to simply share the files quickly and easily.

Enter Attachments.Me.

The Features

Attachements.Me goes beyond mere attachements. With analytics, mobile access with an iOS app, Gmail integration, social sharing components and attachment security, users have multiple features to choose from.

As Attachments.Me started two years ago, it has undergone many changes and continues to add bells and whistles to it’s various interfaces.

The Advantages

With the analytics features, users may opt to receive notifications when files are downloaded or even viewed. When each file is shared, the files itself becomes an independent webpage, making it easily sharable on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Additionally, users have the ability to make all files completely secure with optional password protections and limited viewer controls.

The Benefits

Customization. Options. Easy. With measurable result thanks to the analytics features, smart social media integration, mobile access and added security, is sure to be a crowdpleaser.

+Want to make a webpage with your document or spreadsheet in a matter of moments. It’s easy.

+Need to send an entire collection of high-definition pictures to a client without going through an FTP? Now you can.

+Audio and video files cumbersome to share? Not anymore.  

The free version is allows for 2 GB of file sharing and storage or a massive 25 GB account may be purchased for a nominal $9/month.

Have you used What do you think?