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Brandon Phillips: Twitter All Star

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Cincinnati Reds 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips is known for his ridiculous plays on the field.  In fact, he’s made the All Star team two years in a row.  With diving catches that seem to defy gravity and eye-popping plays between the legs, Reds fans have plenty of reasons to be entertained.

Aside from his on-field theatrics, Phillips has also begun building a fan base on Twitter.  After some encouragement from his sister and Chad Ochocinco, he decided to focus more on connecting with his fans through the site.  After the 2010 season (which included a bench clearing brawl that was sparked by Phillips’ comments to the media) he wanted to show everyone that his true personality is someone that loves the game of baseball, and truly enjoys giving fans memorable experiences.  Judging by the fact that Phillips, @DatDudeBP, has gone from 2,000 to over 120,000 followers over the course of this season, I’d say that he’s been successful.

So, how’s he doing it?  For starters, he’s letting his fans know that they are being heard.  Earlier this year, he noticed that a 14 year old fan had asked him to come to his Little League game. Phillips drove to the game by himself to cheer the youngster on.  It wasn’t a media stunt or a chance for a photo op.  Instead, it was a spur of the moment, genuine gesture of giving back to the fans that support him night in and night out.

Phillips is also making the most out of Twitter contests.  On several occasions, he posts trivia questions on Twitter and rewards fans for the correct answer.  This past May, he tweeted:

Two of his fans tweeted the correct answer, and he flew them out to San Francisco for a game.  He also spent time with them outside of the ballpark.  Of course, he paid for everything.

Phillips seems to grasp the concept that fans, young and old, simply want to get a glimpse of what their favorite player is like off the field.  He understands that an afternoon at a Little League ballpark will create memories that will last a lifetime for those kids, and they will be lifelong Brandon Phillips fans, too.  He gets the fact that spending a weekend with two raving fans in a new city can make their year, and actually help him focus on the sport he loves.  Moments like these  show everyone that he is truly grateful for the support, and he wants to give back in fun, creative ways.

Many of Phillips’ teammates have said that his tweeting is having a positive impact on his game.  Much like the time Babe Ruth promised to hit a home run for a hospitalized boy, perhaps it has helped him remember that he is ultimately playing for his fans, and he wants to perform well for them.  Whatever it is, Reds players and fans hope that he keeps up the good tweeting.

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