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Charlie: The App Makes Workplace Meetings Awesome

Monday, March 11th, 2013

With SXSW in full swing this week, many developers, entrepreneurs and early adopters are honing in on the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.

One application making a few digital headlines is Charlie.

Imagine: you have a meeting, conference or phone call with a new business contact. Before the meeting you have a multiple tasks to complete to prepare for the call, but all these tasks take time to research–time you don’t have…but Charlie does.

The quick-pitch on Charlie from the Charlie website: “Charlie arms you with the important information on your contacts before any meeting, conference or phone call.”

With a snappy slogan of “make meetings suck less”, Charlie is sure to find an audience when it releases soon. From Charlie CEO Aaron Frazin:

“Charlie filters through different online sources to prep you on the people you are meeting with. Some of the highlights we are proud of include alerting you if you have anything in common (you both like the Chicago Cubs) and what’s going on in the news with your commonalities (the Cubs actually won today!). We will also tell you more about where they work and check for breaking news on any of their current positions and companies, all so that you can walk in the most prepared person in the room.” via Mashable

Although not yet released (you can sign up for release info updates here) we see Charlie as a valuable tool for those who have to perform some online due diligence with one simple push of a button. For that reason alone, this application may be invaluable…for some.

To others, by simply visiting an individual’s Twitter stream, LinkedIn page and/or company website may be all that is needed to prep for that conference call or meeting. But who has time to do all that? Charlie does.



Social Media Techniques for Creative Types

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Social media shouldn’t be a drudgery–at its core, it’s communicating creatively. And that’s exactly what creative people do.

For artists of every medium, hue, and palatte, social media provides a challenge: shall I write/sculpt/sing/dance/teach/paint or should I hop on the computer and crank out some Facebook and Twitter posts?

Social media can certainly be quite overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s the traditional approach to building your platform online:

Write blog posts.
Share blog posts on Twitter.
Share blog posts on Facebook.
Share blog posts on                             .
Reply to comments on your own blog.
Comment on other people’s blogs to build relationship.
Find and add more like-minded Twitter followers.
Find other content to share to build relationship.
Share that content.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to write/sculpt/sing/dance/teach/paint. As with any creative endeavor, we need a roadmap. We need social media management techniques for artists so we can do what we love to do: create and share our creative work.


HootSuite takes the ‘crazy’ out of updating multiple social media accounts. One status update is typed and is easily shared with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… you name it.  

As an added bonus, updates can be scheduled in advance.

What does this mean for you?

Take ten minutes in the morning, schedule your social media updates for the day, then go create.

HootSuite does the work for you.

In less than ten minutes, this simple how-to video walks you through setting up a HootSuite account, connecting your various social media accounts to your Hootsuite account, and beginning to use it.


Buffer is a tool which allows you to schedule updates on various social media platforms at specific times. It’s simple and it’s free!

Here’s a video introduction to Buffer if you’d like to give it a go.

Google Reader

Found a blog you like? Want to visit that blog more regularly? Would your own readers and/or followers find the content helpful?

Set up a Google Reader account and add your favorite blogs to that reader.

On many blogs there’s a ‘subscribe’ button or an RSS icon.

By clicking on that icon on the blogs you like, you’ll open a window that will enable you to subscribe to that blog.

Think of Google Reader as a folder of your favorite blogs and content sites.

Then go to this ‘folder’ for…

+Creative inspiration from those you respect.
+Content to share with your readers (remember to share the content of others, not just your own content).
Social media sanity.

Google Reader keeps you organized so you can spend more time doing what you love: creating.

By using just one or two of the tips above you’ll streamline your social media efforts, enjoy more time doing the things you love, and share your creativity with others who can benefit from your work.